£19K a Year Saved in Lighting Costs for John Radcliffe Hospital

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Payback Period

6.2 Months

John Radcliffe Hospital, UK - £19K a Year Saved in Costs with Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Imagine every different type of person who passes through the front doors of a hospital: patients, visitors, doctors, nurses, porters, administration, cleaners, service workers, religious leaders and security, just to name a few! It is a significant focal point, not only to the building itself but to the town and the city it serves. Above all, the entrance to a hospital is a beacon of hope.

To successfully fulfil this mighty responsibility, it must function seamlessly. Lighting may be just one part of this operation, but it is an essential part. We are proud to have been entrusted with providing the lighting solution for the main entrance of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

252 Downlights Installed £19K Annual Savings 2 Year On-Site Warranty

Providing Emergency Lighting Solutions and Minimising Lighting Maintenance

Our Area Sales Manager, Andy Canham, worked closely with John Radcliffe Hospital’s Facilities Management team to establish a clear set of objectives for this lighting design project . There were three primary aims established:

  1. Provide an energy-saving lighting solution
  2. Improve lighting levels
  3. Reduce lighting maintenance for health and safety purposes

At ROBUS, we champion energy-saving lighting solutions in every aspect of our business. However, this objective has a special kind of significance when providing a lighting solution for a public service provider. We were also asked to improve the lighting levels in the space, specifically from an emergency lighting perspective. Thirdly, we needed to install a lighting solution that required minimal maintenance for health and safety purposes, given that the ceiling where the lights would be installed is 10m high! All in all, it was clear a comprehensive LED lighting retrofit was required.

**Testimonial **

From our first meeting with ROBUS and the contractor, we developed a great relationship. They provided a detailed lighting design, energy saving calculations, and all the data we needed to successfully present to the hospital for sign off. From start to finish, ROBUS were easy to deal with, taking time to explain their products and any information provided. They really understood our needs and achieved all our requirements quickly and effectively. Jon Leach, FM General Manager

ROBUS MIRA LED Downlight with Emergency Pack

We identified that the perfect lighting solution for this project was our MIRA LED Downlight. One of the standout features of this downlight is that it packs a lot of great functionality, boasting dual wattage and four colour temperatures across 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K. But for this particular lighting project, several key features made it right for the job:

• High efficacy of 92-109lm/W • Suitable for 24/7 usage • Compatible with our emergency pack (R3EMPK4-PSU) • Complies with fire regulations by including a high-quality PC thermoplastic diffuser which provides a TP(a) rating • Suitable for switching by PIR, Microwave or Photocell • Backed by our no-fuss 2 year on-site warranty

Find out more about our downlight range.

Our LED Lighting Retrofit’s Energy Saving Results

To complete this lighting project, we worked with electrical contractor Oliver Worral from Bouygues E&S ElectricBase to install 86 MIRA 30W/40W dual wattage dimmable downlights (RMR3040X0-01), 166 MIRA 18W/24W dual wattage dimmable downlights (RMR1824X0-01) and 166 white aluminium trims to match the hospital’s neutral palette (RMP280TRIM-01).

This combination of MIRA downlights achieved the desired results of creating a brighter entrance area that is welcoming and functional to the requirements of emergency light levels. The pictures speak for themselves, but what is not discernible with the eye alone is the energy savings this LED lighting retrofit accomplished.

This ROBUS lighting project has saved the John Radcliffe Hospital £19,000 a year in lighting costs, with a payback period of just 6.2 months.

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