ROBUS ATLANTIC AC | Brindabella Business Park

The ROBUS VEGAS Strip is the perfect option for accent lighting in outdoor environments, as demonstrated in this recent project undertaken by Phase 4 Electrical & Data at Brindabella Business Park to illuminate the exterior roof canopy of the building.

Assisted by ROBUS Area Sales Manager, Jackson Teo, and the Cut-to-Length service provided by ROBUS, the VEGAS AC Strip was chosen as a built for purpose solution that would be well suited for this tall, exterior installation. The fully PVC construction with IP65 rating provides the robustness needed for the outdoor environment. Furthermore, the driverless design and 50 metres maximum run length of the AC Strip meant that the installation on the 25 metres tall roof could be carried out quickly and efficiently.

To complete the project, 238 metres of ROBUS VEGAS Atlantic Strip 8W/m 240V Warm White 3000K IP67 was used; made up of 5 x 40 metres lengths and 1 x 38 metres length. By utilising the ROBUS Cut-to-Length service, further time savings were made on installation as the required lengths were cut accurately and ready to go on the day.

The end result, shown in the following images, illustrates how the VEGAS AC Strip can be utilised to add an eye-catching architectural highlight to any space. The choice of warm white colour temperature compliments the natural timber roof canopy; creating a soft light and floating effect that compliments the building exterior and adds visual interest. This project perfectly highlights the practicality and versatility of the VEGAS AC Strip; no matter the requirements, this strip light is ideal for illuminating a range of spaces and creating a bespoke aesthetic.

Testimonial from Phase 4 Electrical & Data (Jeremy Fooks- Director):

“I am extremely proud of the outcome of this installation and would definitely showcase and recommend this fitting to my clients and for future projects”

Testimonial from Canberra Airport (Karen Emms- Manager, Projects):

“The fittings as installed in the underside of the large roof canopy which is 25 metres above ground adds an architectural highlight to the structure and frames the canopy. This fitting seamlessly wraps around the canopy creating a soft lighting element that draws the eye skyward. The ambient glow from the fitting also illuminates the curtain wall of the North and South building providing context to the colour palette and form of the sunshades”

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