Leixlip Dental Surgery, Leixlip, Ireland

Total Savings


Payback Period

1 year


over 5 years is €2,150.

Leixlip Dental Surgery wanted to refurbish all their light fittings to create a cleaner, more professional atmosphere within the dental surgery while also wanting to increase energy savings.

There were 5 x ROBUS MORPH LED 25W and 9 x ETERNITY LED 18W Downlights installed in the reception and the waiting area with SPACE LED 45W Panel lights installed in the dental surgery rooms both upstairs and downstairs.

This is resulting in a reduction of 1794 kWh per year.

An estimated saving of €430 per year. Savings over 3 years is €1290 / over 5 years is €2,150.

“We are thrilled with the difference the new ROBUS light fittings make to the Dental Surgery - it gives it the clean, hygienic, professional image that we aim for at Leixlip Dental Centre”

  • Dr. John Weever, Owner, Leixlip Dental Surgery""

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