Mitchian Group Apartments, UK – Comprehensive Lighting Solutions for Residential Properties

Mitchian Group Apartments, UK – Comprehensive Lighting Solutions for Residential Properties

What makes an apartment building? Typically, a residential property on this scale comprises several essential areas, each serving a distinct function. These include the reception, individual living units, hallways and staircases, emergency exits, utility areas, laundry rooms, parking spaces, storage and maintenance areas, not to mention recreational spaces. You can see where we’re going with this!

Each of these distinct areas requires lighting specific to the function of the space. From downlights to surface fittings, linear battens to LED strip, a variety of lighting fixtures are needed. When Mitchian Group and Mitchian Electrical approached us to conduct a lighting design for their new apartment complex, our extensive range of luminaires meant we were able to provide a complete and comprehensive lighting solution to satisfy their needs.

Tailored Lighting Design from ROBUS In-house Specialists

Phil Mitchell from the Mitchian Group provided lighting concepts which our Project Engineer Dave Wood used to establish the ideal lighting design for this residential property. A key step to starting any lighting project is employing lighting designers to create a plan for how best to illuminate each space. At ROBUS, we have a team of in-house lighting designers at hand, ready to turn any space into a place with a mix of lighting, art and technology.

Dave’s completed lighting design included 2D/3D mock-ups and renders of all key areas. This was generated using Relux, the industry leader in lighting planning software. Additionally, a Material List was provided, indicating the required products, along with a detailed explanation of the rationale behind these recommendations. We’ve collaborated with Mitchian Group for over a decade, and we continually tailor our services to meet their evolving needs and ensure their satisfaction.

"Once again, the support we received from ROBUS was fantastic. From sitting down with Dave Wood to discuss our ideas, to selecting light fittings for all areas of the development, it was a pleasure and was achieved with ease. After working on high-rise developments for over 16 years, I can honestly say that ROBUS are without a doubt the best lighting manufacturer we have worked with to date. Their support is unparalleled and their product reliability is top-notch.” Phil Mitchell, Mitchian Group

Residential Lighting for Function and Beauty

Lighting plays a crucial role in residential spaces, significantly impacting people’s well-being, whether that is enhancing mood, influencing how a space is perceived, ensuring safety, or promoting productivity. Here are a few of the key highlights from the Mitchian Group Apartment project:

Statement Piece LED Linear Batten Lights

In the gated parking lot, we fitted a combination of HORIZON linear batten lights and DESMOND downlights. Our Lighting Design Team crafted a harmonious light effect by positioning the downlights in the stone walkway and suspending our matte black linear lights from above. The overall result was a rich lighting effect that transformed a very functional space into a safe and visually appealing environment.

Fire-Rated Downlights for Living Spaces and Corridors

In hallways and living spaces, we fitted our ULTIMUM fire rated downlights and DESMOND emergency downlights. ULTIMUM is rigorously tested for compatibility with both I-joists and metal web joists and is expertly designed to maintain the integrity of 30, 60, and 90-minute fire rated ceilings. DESMOND is perfectly equipped for anti-panic and corridor applications, providing a 3-hour emergency discharge duration. With both sporting white trims to match the interior design, this installation not only met the safety standards required, but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal.

Creating a LED Strip Light Feature with VEGAS COB

To establish a welcoming reception in an apartment complex, a unique feature can go a long way. Our eye-catching wall installation using VEGAS COB achieves this. This fluid, dotless strip flows gracefully from wall to floor, extending into the walkway for an immersive experience. Our VEGAS COB brings endless potential to make spaces feel personal and inviting. Find out more about VEGAS COB by visiting our product pages.

Superior Strength Surface Fittings for Indoors and Outdoors

In the stairwells and outdoor recreational areas, we selected the durable ROCCO surface fitting . Designed with weather-resistant die cast aluminium housing, ROCCO boasts an impressive IK10 impact rating. It’s highly reliable, featuring an IP65 rating and impressive 125Lm/W efficacy. While toughness is a key attribute, the ROCCO doesn’t compromise on style with a sleek profile and black trim eyelid.

Choose ROBUS for Your Next Large-Scale Project

Selecting the appropriate luminaires for a space depends on various factors, including colour temperature, brightness, beam direction, and design, along with control mechanisms and adherence to relevant regulations, such as those for fire safety and emergency lighting.

At 40 years in business, we have a wealth of experience across many industries and a broad range of luminaires so you can be sure your large-scale project is managed to a high-quality standard from start to finish.

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