Talybont Gate, Cardiff University, Wales

Talybont Gate chose ROBUS Oyster to save time and money on maintenance, while also saving them effort in having to replace fittings regularly. They installed 850 x ROBUS Oyster fittings throughout the residential complex of the university.

Energy Saving: Reducing energy costs and therefore carbon emissions are of primary importance for all building types. Utilising the latest Surface Mount Diode LED and driver technology these fittings provide a cost-effective, energy-saving solution for applications ranging from illuminating store cupboards or bathrooms to larger communal lounge areas. Perhaps as important, huge savings in maintenance and traditional lamp change costs can be achieved to provide very short paybacks where automatic switching by the sensor is employed which reduce traditional lamp life considerably OR continuous use operation causing ballast life to be adversely affected.

“Talybont Gate is a brand new, modern development with large communal areas in flats and extra facilities included for sports and recreation. We opted for ROBUS lighting for a number of reasons including its high light output which brightens areas such as corridors which have no window, its smooth clean curves which match in with the modern aesthetics of our building as well as the high energy savings compared to traditional sources of lighting like fluorescent tubes. The Oyster was the perfect fitting for the entire building as it is so versatile no matter what the area is used for. The fit and forget application saves us time and money on maintenance as well as replacement fittings. Energy savings reduce carbon footprint which Cardiff University strives to achieve as part of their environmental policy.”

  • Nigel Griffin, Project Engineer

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