Welsh Millenium Centre, Cardiff, Wales

Total Savings


Payback Period

Just over 1 year


1.61 Carbon Tonnes saved per year

Will Cubbit (Welsh Millenium Center) wanted lighting solutions that would not only save energy but also save on needless maintenance costs.

31 x ROBUS SPACE 32W LED Panels were installed throughout the residential centre at Welsh Millenium Center.

The above fittings will save 2,961 kWhrs per year. Projected savings are approximately €1,820 per year with a payback period of just over 1 year, also saving 1.61 carbon tonnes per year.

"The Urdd City Sleepover is Urdd Gobaith Cymru’s newest residential centre situated in Wales Millennium Centre, at the heart of Cardiff Bay. Each year, 10,000 children come and stay for short and week-long breaks. During this time, they will create performances; join workshops run by other arts residents and present work to the public- so you can imagine how important lighting is for us here not just for safety but to enhance creativity. We are extremely pleased with the new ROBUS lighting recently installed in Urdd City Sleepover, each area has a great sense of natural light now- including lounges, corridors, dining halls, meeting rooms and classrooms. Energy savings are an added bonus as well as the maintenance savings over a long period of time - which means we have more funds to invest back into the centre which benefits the children.

  • Will Cubbit, WMC"

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