Yarrawonga Golf Club

With soaring energy costs and a need to reduce spending, Yarrawonga Golf Club and Resort needed to lower their expenditure and the first step was a complete halogen retrofit. The decision was taken to replace all 423 x 35W and 50W Halogen Fittings with 423 x ROBUS 10W LEDChroic due to its proven performance, reliability and cost saving.

The ROBUS 10W LEDChroic has a 50,000-hour lamp life and lasts 20 times longer than the halogen fittings which resulted in a whopping 79% reduction in power consumption and huge annual savings in energy costs, lamp replacements costs and air conditioning compensation. Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort’s investment to install the ROBUS LED Downlight in the foyer, restaurant and bar were paid back within two months.

With a saving of up to 40W per fitting, this equates to a total of 11,000 kw/hrs per year for the entire installation in the resort.

Total savings per year will be $45,000 with an installation payback of just 2 months and CO2 savings of 115 tonnes/year.

"It was very important to the client for the light to replicate the look and feel of dichroic- no other downlight on the market does this as well as the ROBUS 10W LEDChroic.|

  • Lachlan Mac Leod, Rexel Energy Solutions

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