Celebrating a 22% Reduction to Our Carbon Footprint in 2022

August 29th 2023

Here at ROBUS, we were recently delighted to complete our CO2e calculations and offset our 2022 carbon emissions. This maintains our carbon neutral status for the year 2022. Let us show you how we did it.

Setting Clear Sustainability Goals with the PAS 2060 Standard

Following on from our first offsets in 2021, we again followed the internationally recognised PAS 2060 standard. Gaining experience from our first year of carbon neutrality, we set out to reach carbon neutrality with a few key goals, including:

  • Capture more scope 3 emissions.
  • Fill some of the identified emission gaps.
  • Reach our emission reduction targets while setting attainable goals for future reductions.

In 2022, we expanded our scope 3 emissions capture, which included incorporating emissions from employees working from home (heating and electricity), as well as expanding transportation and distribution data.

Our 2% year-on-year emissions reduction target

Yes, our objective is to decrease our emissions by 2% every year! To work towards this target, several measures were introduced for the year 2022 including:

  • Introducing working from home 2 days a week for our office staff. This led to a huge decrease in carbon emissions emanating from commuting employees.
  • As detailed in our last blog, we have also significantly reduced plastic packaging which has led to a decrease in transportation weights.
  • In our Dublin Head Office, we have reduced our display lighting significantly.
  • More of our sales fleet has transitioned to hybrid/electric cars.

This has led to an incredible 22% reduction to our carbon footprint in 2022 compared to 2021. While this is a great result, we understand it is largely a result of the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to reducing our emissions, so we will continue to implement measures to reach a 2% reduction again for 2023.

Our ESG Journey Continues

While we acknowledge more modest reductions in the coming years, we are excited to continue to expand our carbon reduction programme. We have installed solar panels to cover the energy in our Dublin home office. With work being completed early this year, we expect to see a reduction in our scope 2 emissions in next year’s calculation.

We also have plans to include more of our scope 3 emissions, with a view to including all feasible and realistic sources of CO2e. We are actively exploring becoming third-party verified in the future. This will be an important step, but we must make sure that we can find a third-party verification company with values and offset options that align with us.

As always, if you have any questions on where to start with your ESG journey, please do not hesitate to contact technical@robus.com. You can find a copy of our PAS 2060 Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES) in the Sustainability section of our website.