How to Use the VEGAS LED Strip Calculator

June 18th 2024

How to Use the VEGAS LED Strip Calculator

Have you tried our VEGAS LED Strip Calculator? It’s the easiest way to find out exactly what you need for your next LED strip project. Open up the calculator now and you’ll find the following step-by-step guide to get your lighting project quoted quickly:

Step 1: Determine Waterproofing Needs

  • Environment Assessment: Assess the installation environment. If the area is prone to moisture or located outdoors, opt for waterproof LED strips with a high IP rating. For indoor, dry locations, standard LED strips with a lower IP rating will suffice.

Step 2: Choose Your Colours

  • Single or Multiple Colours: Decide if a single colour will meet your needs or if you prefer the versatility of multi-coloured (RGB or RGBW) strips for customisable lighting options.

Step 3: Decide on Power Requirements

  • Light Intensity: Consider the brightness needed for your project. Higher power LED strips provide more light. Think about the ambience and functional requirements of the space.

Step 4: Input LED Strip Length

  • Measure and Enter: Measure the total length of LED strip required for your installation and input this length into the calculator.

Step 5: Proceed to the Next Step

  • Hit “Next”: Once all the above details are entered, click the “Next” button to move forward.

Step 6: Choose Your Controller

  • Control Options: Select a controller that suits your needs. Controllers can vary in functionality from remote access to advanced dimmers and programmable options.

Step 7: Select an Aluminium Profile (if needed)

  • Mounting Options: Choose an aluminium profile if your installation requires one for mounting or aesthetic purposes. If not, select “No aluminium profile”.

Step 8: Select Accessories

  • Additional Components: Determine the number of accessories needed for your project. This can include connectors, heat shrink, and glue for installation and finishing touches.

Step 9: Send or Save Your Quote

  • Finalise Your Quote: Once all selections are made, you have two options:
  1. Send to Wholesaler: Send your quote directly to your preferred wholesaler for quick processing.
  2. Save and/or Print: Alternatively, save or print your quote to reference later or share with your team.

By following these steps, you can efficiently use the VEGAS Calculator to plan and quote your LED strip lighting projects with ease. Your workday just got that bit easier.