ROBUS proud to support Schools for Syria

October 4th 2022

ROBUS are proud to support a fantastic charity, Schools for Syria, with much needed funds and lighting. Schools for Syria is a foundation established in 2013 by Dublin native Fr. William Stuart, who recognised the dire circumstances faced by students and teachers alike for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and started the charity with an aim of providing schooling and basic education.

Fr Stuart, with an international group, visited Northern Lebanon in 2013 to assess the Syrian refugee situation with a focus on how to establish peace. However, on this trip, Fr, Stuart encountered the Syrian children being ‘educated’ and the conditions of this. There were 500 students, in an unused school, with no supplies or resources, unpaid teachers with no promise of staying and unassisted by any national or international NGO with no plans for any in the medium to long term. This sparked something in Fr Stuart, as upon returning home he decided to do something about it and sought to secure funding to pay teachers. He hoped by doing this it would allow tuition for 2013 and reduce further deterioration in their numeracy and literacy skills.

Today, Schools for Syria, have 200 students enrolled and recently they have taken over the second floor of the building where the school lies and have expanded their school to have more classrooms. They aim to bring their 200 students to 400 as they get more funds whilst also providing school supplies, daily meals, hygiene instruction and supplies, clothing, and transportation.

“Schools for Syria” will not end the conflict, right the wrongs or make any significant difference but it may prevent a tiny number of Syrian children from being rendered illiterate and unemployable into the future.

To find out more about Schools for Syria view here: