The ROBUS Round-Up: Attending Light + Building 2024 with FuseBox

March 12th 2024

The ROBUS Round-Up: Attending Light + Building 2024 with FuseBox

Did you catch us at Light + Building this year? Whether you stopped by our stand to say hello or just kept up to speed on our social media, we hope you had as much fun as we did. What an event! Over 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world gathered in one place to “Be Electrified”, as the event motto says. So, what was it all about?

The Atmosphere at Light + Building Was… What’s the Word…

Electric! Yes, the atmosphere was simply electric at Light + Building this year. The event was held in Messe Frankfurt, a gargantuan complex that boasts approximately 400,000 sq. m. of event space and over 59,500 sq. m. of outdoor exhibition space (phew!). Light + Building, being the world’s largest trade fair, was made up of 12 halls, all of which were dedicated to different facets of the industry.

Over in Hall 4.1, we had over 50 products on display, as well as our LED strip connectors Pick ‘n’ Mix, our interactive MyROBUS screen, our VEGAS EXPRESS wall, and our giant LED strip tunnel. Each hall had its own distinct mood, meaning you could have a live jazz band in Hall 3 at the same time as a VR experience kicked off in Hall 12 and a silent disco in Hall 5. If you managed to hike through all 12 halls, you were in for a real feast for the senses.

ROBUS & FuseBox

This trade fair was a particularly momentous occasion for us because it was the first event we shared with FuseBox under The LED Group! It was fantastic to be able to work side-by-side with the FuseBox team at the stand. Their wonderful energy and passion for their product were inspiring. The combination of our brands at one stand resulted in quite an impressive presence in Hall 4.1, with our statement black dominating on the right and FuseBox’s iconic pink on the left.

Joining both sides of the stand together was our LED strip tunnel, which truly needs to be seen to be believed! This tunnel comprises 12 LED strip types across both our VEGAS and VEGAS COB ranges. With RGB, 3000K, 4000K and tuneable white LED strip on display, you can imagine the wonderful vibrant light effects that could be achieved in this interactive space. This tunnel led visitors directly through to our bar service, where we served local German beer, hot drinks, and snacks.

Sustainability Across the Lighting Industry

This year, the key themes at Light + Building were ‘Sustainability’, ‘Connectivity’ and ‘Working + Living’. Sustainability is top of mind for us, as we have made significant changes at an international level to reduce our carbon emissions. From relocating our Australia office to reduce travel emissions, to going fully solar at our Dublin HQ, to implementing major packaging waste reduction, we have made great strides to meet our sustainability targets and continue to identify ways to improve.

That’s why we were delighted to see so many lectures and guided tours at the event focused on this subject. In particular, a trending topic was circular design. “Cradle to cradle products”, “Exchangeability”, “Modular design” were phrases that kept cropping up – very much a language we speak at ROBUS. In fact, our GOLF surface fitting and SELEST floodlight have just received a TM66 Circularity Certificates from LIA and CIBSE, with strong scores of 1.8. But more on that in our next blog!

The Light + Building ROBUS Experience Continues

As the largest Irish lighting manufacturer worldwide, it was fantastic for us to attend Light + Building this year and we look forward to returning very soon. However, we like to keep a party going if we can! In that spirit, we’re taking Light + Building to Dublin. Our stands are coming home with us to live in our new Visitor Centre at our HQ. This will make for a fantastic interactive experience for our customer visits, when wholesalers and electrical contractors get the official ROBUS tour. It is also a great way to champion sustainability, reusing our stands and therefore reducing waste.