We Are a Member of the Electrical Contractor’s Association!

May 23rd 2024

We Are a Member of the Electrical Contractor’s Association (ECA)

The Electrical Contractor’s Association (ECA) is an esteemed organisation with a rich history spanning over a hundred years. As a leading association in the electrotechnical and engineering services industry, the ECA has continuously played a pivotal role. We were thrilled to join and to contribute to its legacy of excellence.

What is ECA?

ECA is the leading trade association for the electrotechnical services industry in the UK. Founded in 1901, the ECA has been a cornerstone for electrical contractors for over a century. Its mission was to represent those who design, install, inspect, test, and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services.

Today ECA supports their members through business resilience and growth, representing those who have “achieved the highest levels of certification in their areas of work, either through ‘approved’ industry certification bodies or the Certsure scheme for ECA contractors.” Improving high standards throughout the industry and creating a sustainable business environment are their priorities. They provide a multitude of support to achieve this objective, such as educational courses, downloadable resources, benefits & schemes, helplines and a rich online library of standards and manuals.

Aligning with Excellence in the UK Lighting Industry

At ROBUS, we believe people thrive with thriving people. This principle underpins all our activities, from recruitment and personal development to forging business partnerships and choosing the organisations that we join. That’s why we have become a member of the ECA, an association that expects the absolute best from its members.

The ECA aligns with our uncompromising dedication to excellence. It is a core characteristic of our culture at ROBUS to always aim for excellence. The reason why we foster this attribute is because focusing on excellence is much more effective than choosing specific targets. By choosing excellence we can naturally achieve our objectives. Of course, targets and deliverables are essential to managing a high-performing business, but by aiming for excellence we are always aspiring to reach higher.

How Do You Become an ECA Member?

The ECA is committed to upholding the highest standards, therefore they only accept companies that are performing at their peak. This is reflected in their criteria for membership. They require their members to attain the highest levels of certification in their respective fields, and on their website you will find what they describe as their Core Joining Criteria:

  • Has been trading continuously for a period of not less than 12 months
  • Hold public liability insurance for a minimum of £2 million
  • If undertaking EICRs, a minimum of £250,000 professional indemnity insurance
  • Be in possession of a Health and Safety Policy Statement and appropriate Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Have an absolute minimum annual turnover in excess of £30,000, which can be confirmed on business trading accounts.

If you do not meet the required criteria but aspire to you can consider joining as an ECA Registered Associate.

Do You Aspire to Excellence in Your Lighting Projects?

Our vision is to be the most trusted LED lighting brand for our customers worldwide. That is why we foster a culture of continuous improvement among our team and promote a ‘best in class’ mindset throughout our company. So, for your next lighting project, make sure to choose excellence by choosing ROBUS. Get in contact today.