We're the Official Sponsor of Insight: The Stripped Back Podcast

May 10th 2024

We’re the Official Sponsor of Insight: The Stripped Back Podcast

We’re delighted to share some fantastic news with you! We have become the official sponsor of Insight: The Stripped Back Podcast, where industry insights meet real-life experiences. This partnership is a unique opportunity to support a platform that aligns perfectly with our values and vision while shining a light (wink, wink) on some thought-provoking conversations happening in the industry right now.

Getting to Know Co-Hosts Stephen Buckley and Keith Delahan

Insight: The Stripped Back Podcast, co-hosted by Stephen Buckley and Keith Delahan, fosters a sense of community and inspiration through their personal stories and guest interviews. With years of industry experience behind them, they have a wealth of practical advice for both apprentices and qualified electricians. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this!

ROBUS Chairman Mick Slein, a fan of the podcast, expressed great enthusiasm for this opportunity: “Stephen and Keith are great at what they do, delivering a weekly show filled with diverse and enriching content, from insightful conversations with educators and industry experts to inspiring real-life stories from apprentices, female electricians, individuals with learning disabilities, and fitness experts offering road-friendly wellness tips. Insight aligns seamlessly with the values and mission of LED Group, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their unfolding story.

An Electricity Podcast Illuminating the Airwaves

When the opportunity arose to support the podcast, we knew it was the right move. Not only does it allow us to support the hosts as they continue to produce quality content, but it also provides us with a chance to connect with a broader audience that shares our enthusiasm for innovation in lighting, continuous learning, and the electrical community through new channels.

Co-host Stephen let us know how much this collaboration meant to the podcast: “When the idea of the podcast was at its inception, we never imagined the level of response that it would get in such a short space of time. ROBUS personally extended their well wishes to us from the very beginning and gave us the confidence to push forward with the path we were on, knowing that we had received such a positive response. When the opportunity arose for the podcast to be sponsored by an Irish company such as ROBUS, it was an easy decision for us to accept.

Similarly, co-host Keith is enthusiastic to embark on this journey with us: “We’re honoured to have your support and are eager to represent your brand to our audience. With your partnership, we’re confident in creating meaningful content that resonates with our listeners.

Exciting Opportunites for Lighting Industry Insights

Our goal at ROBUS is to bring innovative lighting solutions to life, illuminating spaces and creating environments that inspire. Partnering with Insight: The Stripped Back Podcast allows us to showcase stories that matter—stories that encourage people to think differently and embrace new ideas.

We are eager to see where this partnership takes us and are committed to supporting the podcast as it explores new topics, engages with diverse voices, and continues to inspire listeners throughout the lighting industry and beyond. And we will let Keith wrap it up perfectly: “Here’s to a successful collaboration!

To listen to Insight: The Stripped Back Podcast on your favourite podcast platform, click here.