What it Means to Be a Lighting Association of Ireland Member

May 9th 2024

What it Means to Be a Lighting Association of Ireland Member

Did you know that we are a member of the Lighting Association of Ireland (LAI)? This association represents quality and trust within the Irish lighting industry, values that we at ROBUS hold in the highest regard. Joining the LAI marked an important milestone for us.

What is LAI?

LAI is an Irish association that describes themselves as “the voice of the lighting profession in Ireland.” Its objective is to promote the highest standards of practice across the full spectrum of lighting applications. Their mission encompasses everything from modest residential setups to expansive, multi-million-euro projects.

By advocating for excellence and innovation in lighting design, installation, and maintenance, the LAI seeks to enhance the quality and efficiency of lighting solutions nationwide. This commitment ensures that whether the project is small or large, it benefits from the latest advancements and the most professional standards in the lighting industry.

Their work not only elevates the aesthetics and functionality of lighting projects but also contributes significantly to energy conservation and sustainability in the field. This proactive approach by the LAI plays a crucial role in setting industry benchmarks and spearheading the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and practices in Irish lighting.

Quality and Trust in the Irish Lighting Industry and Beyond

From the outset, our commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our success and longevity. That’s precisely why joining the Lighting Association Ireland (LAI) was a natural progression for us. We aim to be the most trusted LED lighting brand for our customers in Ireland and globally.

To achieve this, we actively participate in professional bodies recognised by the local lighting communities, including the Electrical Manufacturers and Distributors Association (EMDA) in Ireland, the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) and the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) in the UK, as well as The Lighting Council in Australia.

Quality Thinking at Every Step at ROBUS

Quality is always susceptible to becoming a mere buzzword, so we think it’s helpful to demonstrate how at ROBUS we actively practice quality thinking in everything we do. Our quality control process is ISO and LIA certified, guaranteeing a high standard of excellence. We have a purpose-built lab that includes an LIA Laboratory certified photometric sphere to conduct full photometric analysis and reporting on all our products. To ensure our customers can buy with confidence, we offer an all-inclusive 2 year on-site warranty on every single ROBUS product, but because we maintain a low product failure rate of less than 1%, there is little chance our customers will experience an issue!

Want to Become an LAI Member?

LAI describe their membership access as follows:

Membership of the Association is open to all bona fide lighting-related trading entities, provided they are fully tax-compliant and hold an in-date Tax Clearance Access Number.

Visit the LAI website for more information at lightingassociation.ie .